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Mini Balm Set for Thank You Gift by Moelian

Thank You Gift Set


Small Gift Set of 2 products. All purpose Salve or Relief Balm for muscles massage and a Natural Lip Balm, with your personalized message.

  • Spread Joy and Love! A thoughtful and affordable Gift!

    Send your wishes and express your appreciation in a unique way! 

    A special Gift that you can personalize as you wish!


    ❊ Ideal for Work exchange gifting, for men or women colleagues, your friends, Family, Mom, Dad, Grandfather and Grandmother! This beneficial set, is the ideal gift for any occasion, relative, friend, teacher, or just a small thank you gift ❊


    Handmade with care and beautifully packaged in a linen bag with a small Card! We can send your Gift directly to the recipient, so remember upon checkout, to give us your message to include on a card or just sign with your name! 

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