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Natural Skincare, Gifts for NewMother and Baby, Wedding and Shower Favors, Custom Spa Gift Boxes, Bridesmaids Gifts

About Us

Trust nature and you will be amazed

Inspired & Fresh
Inspired by the Greek land and the Mediterranean nature. Olive trees, healing herbs, wild flowers, stunning mountains, amazing rivers, ancient forests, the sea, and this unique sunlight are the essence of Moelian.
Each product is a truly fresh experience that offers you benefits for the wellbeing of your body, mind & soul, and empowers your natural beauty.

The Name & The Myth 
MOELIAN comes from MOria ELAIA. 
According to mythology, during a contest against Poseidon, Goddess Athena planted an olive branch on Acropolis, as a useful gift to the Greek people. So, the newly founded city was named after her, “Athens”, 
and the branch became the first sacred olive tree, Moria Elaia.

“Liquid Gold” Of The Earth
Our olive groves are located in my hometown of Krestena, next to Ancient Olympia. 
Here my family produces extra virgin olive oil, of the exceptional variety “koroneiki”, that I'm proud of!  
Olive oil is full of antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins A, D, K & E, offers antibacterial and moisturizing properties, is perfect for nourishing, repairs and regenerates our skin.

Natural & Handmade

Natural or organic, fair trade, sustainable ingredients, thoughtfully formulated, based on traditional remedies and aromatherapy to create our products. Herbs are organically grown in our garden or handpicked with respect to the wild nature. Plant-based oils, butters & vitamins, pure essential oils, natural extracts & herbs, clays, flower waters and more, carefully selected, to ensure quality and effectiveness. 

Our Team



Owner, Creator

Trust Nature & Enjoy Life!



Photographer, Site Creator

Believe in your Power!

❊ Each creation is unique & handmade with special care, in small batches ❊

With respect to humans, animals and nature, Moelian products are free of harmful substances.


You can reuse or recycle all the packaging materials. For infos or customization, feel free to ask.


Thanks for your support and hope you ‘ll enjoy Moelian products

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