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St John Wort Oil by Moelian

St. Johns Wort Oil


High Quality St. John's wort oil, a pure red balsam ✧

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  • The beautiful flowers of St John Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) are sustainably hand harvested, from Olympus, the mountain of Gods, and infused in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    A strong blend, that combined with the energy of the sun and the moon, gives us this wonderful holistic red oil.


    ✻ A true gift from nature to everyone ✻


    Moelian St. John wort oil has regenerating and calming properties.


    This oil is beneficial for:
    ♢ Wounds, Burns, Minor Cuts, Sunburns
    ♢ Dry & Sensitive Skin, Irritations
    ♢ Muscle, Joints, Backs pains

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