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Face Scrub with Green Tea, Sugar & Mastic by Moelian

Face Scrub Green Tea & Sugar

PriceFrom €8.50

A natural Face Scub with Green Tea and Sugar. Exfoliates, soothes and renews your complexion.

  • ✧ Try this delightful scrub and enjoy the fresh & glowing look of your face ✧

    With high-quality ingredients, safe and ideal even for sensitive skin.

    A toning experience that leaves your face healthy and brighter ❊ 

    A lovely spa gift! 


    Green Tea is a natural tonic, antiseptic, antioxidant with revitalizing effects.Gold & Brown Sugar exfoliates and protects your skin against toxins.Greek Mastic is a youth elixir with revival and beauty properties. Shea Butter (karite), extra virgin Olive Oil & Sweet Almond oil moisturizes, soothes irritations and makes your skin softer. Oats & Argil clay acts against acne, cleans and removes the dead cells.

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