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Refreshing Face & Body Toner by Moelian

Face & Body Toner


Fresh Up with Moelian Face & Body Toner, an energy and mood booster!

Only 5 left in stock
  • Spritz anytime you need it, fresh up and stimulate your skin & spirit.

    ✧ Enjoy a fresh and uplifting experience ✧

    This pure bliss toner, with aromatherapy benefits, is based on hydrosols and organic botanical extracts of Mediterranean land. A blend of revitalizing Orange Blossoms-Petitgrain, earthy Rosemary, toning Cucumber and relaxing Lavender with hydrating, anti-stress and refreshing effects. Keep it always with you and spritz whenever you need a boost, or just to refresh and hydrate your face and body! ✻ 

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