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Bug Bite Relief Balm Moelian

Anti-itch Relief Balm


Relief Balm for bugs and mosquitos with natural ingredients.

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  • During summertime, bugs and insects can be really annoying. Soothe the pain and itchiness of mosquito and bugs, as well as of the stinging nettle, with Moelian’s Anti-itch Relief Balm!
    A natural balm, 100% pure & effective, essential for you and your family.

    In a practical small tin, so you can have it always with you.


    ❀ Ideal for your holidays, your adventurous getaways or just for hanging out ❀


    This natural salve is based on a blend of wonderful organic herbs with soothing properties.

    Lavender, Lemon Balm (Melissa), Tea tree, and Calendula, heal, nourish and soothe your irritated skin. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, full of vitamin A & E, and the Organic Coconut oil regenerate and moisturize the skin. Pure Propolis is a natural antibiotic.

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