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Beard Oil Moelian, Bergamot & Lemon

Beard Oil Bergamot & Lemon


Bergamot & Lemon Beard Oil, high quality for soft and strong beard!

Fresh Citrus aroma

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  • Try Moelian’s Bergamot & Lemon Beard Oil, for soft and stronger beard!

    Fresh and bright Citrus aroma, energizing and fascinating.

    A premium Oil for the ultimate every day treat of your beard and face skin. Also an ideal gift for any man with Beard or Mustache!

    A great blend of 7 light-weight, all natural and high-quality Oils, with organic essential oils, that will do wonders on your beard. Perfect for any length and skin type.



    ➸ Promotes growth
    ➸ Acts as a leave in conditioner
    ➸ Softens the facial hair
    ➸ Moisturizes dry skin underneath
    ➸ Prevent itchiness

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