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Natural Baby Balm Moelian

Baby Balm

PriceFrom €7.50

Baby Balm with Chamomile and Calendula, for our baby's everyday care.

  • Take care of your baby with Moelian Baby Balm, in a pure & most effective way. 
    ♡ Give your little one happy, relaxing and rash free days and nights ♡


    Safe for your baby’s delicate skin, apply this beeswax cream after every diaper change, to avoid rash or irritated skin. 
    Offer your petite a relaxing massage, after bath and before bedtime, for a good night sleep.
    Perfect for protecting and soothing your nipples after breastfeeding. 
    With a wonderful light & natural chamomile scent, this balm nourishes and protects sensitive and irritated skin.


    ⚘ a valuable balm for every mother and her baby ⚘

    This balm has soothing, regenerating, relaxing and healing properties.

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