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All Purpose Natural Balm by Moelian

All Purpose Salve


Pure Beeswax All Purpose Balm with St Johns Wort Oil

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  • Moelian all-purpose salve is 100% pure & effective, with wonderful natural scent. 

    This balm is necessary for every home and every carry bag so you can have it always with you. For every activity, outdoors or in the city you have. In any case you may need it, for you, your family or your children. From a small cut, burn, wound or insect bite, this balm is valuable!


    ❀ Moelian herbal salve is the perfect gift for anyone you care ❀


    This natural salve is based on the wild harvested St. John’s Wort with its amazing healing properties. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, full of vitamin A & E, and Beeswax are regenerate and moisturize the skin. Pure Propolis and Honey are natural antibiotics. The organic herbs of Lavender, Lemon Balm (Melissa), Calendula & Chamomile nourish, protect and soothe your skin.


    This Balm has potent benefits for:

    ➻ Irritations, Eczema, Rashes
    ➻ Dry skin, Cracked Spots
    ➻ Burns, Wounds, Minor Cuts
    ➻ Insect Bites

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